Garden Veg & Lentil Sliders Vegan 72 x 35Gm

Brand: Vegie Magic
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Garden Veg and Lentil range combines the flavours, textures and goodness of fresh vegies,lentils and delicate herbs and spices to provide colourful, fresh tasting and nutritious vegan products.

The products have a distinctive, but subtle, lentil background flavour that complements the real fresh flavours of carrots,
peas, potatoes, onion and garlic.

We cook and freeze the products so they are can be quickly turned into appealing and appetising snacks or meals when combined with relishes, chutneys and salads.
Available as burgers, sliders and bites there are many ways to easily offer real food and variety for the growing number of vegan and vegetarian customers or customers looking for meat-free meals.

All products contain 87% vegetables and legumes, are low in fat, saturated fat and sugar and contain no added preservatives or animal ingredients. The Garden Veg and Lentil burger is also a good source of fibre and a source of protein.


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