You’re a winner when you find a Foodservice Distributor that understands that finding unique solutions that meet evolving standards must be done frequently and the nutritional change in the education departments requires them to remain attentive, these are the qualities Quality Food | Beverages are proud to have. 

We understand that we must advance with the constant changes in the educational nutrition guidelines.  Our aim is to provide your institution with the best nutritional foodservice solution.

Providing primary, secondary and University tuckshops and canteens with ingredients and nutritional ready to go meals that are suitable for your students is the specialty of Quality Food | Beverages.

Our goal is to provide your school with healthy options.

You’re looking for the right balance of nutritious food options that are cost-controlled, Quality Food | Beverages commitment to school nutrition means we have a dedicated Schools sales team who bring their expertise to your tuckshop and/or canteen, to work with you and create a tailored, individualized nutritional stock list.

Quality Foods | Beverages has an extensive product range of foodservice, packaging, and beverage, that includes nationally branded specialty products designed specifically for the education arena. 

For your Tuckshop and Canteen foodservice needs, make Quality Foods | Beverages your first choice.


Munch Monitor


Munch Monitor is a simple and easy way for parents and students to order from your school canteens, uniform shop & purchase other school services online.  Saving you time, resources, and reducing waste.

Munch Monitor allows your canteen to go cashless and to report all sales and stock purchasing, this means you are making informed and accurate decisions when removing lines from your menu. 

Quality Foods | Beverages assesses your canteen requirements, installs, and provides full onsite training to canteen managers and canteen support staff.  Being local, the Munch Monitor team is with you on the day Munch Monitor going live in your school, so your not alone, plus we are contactable for any questions you have.

From the day of installation, your canteen will receive the ultimate in Munch Monitor support, giving your canteen operators peace of mind. 

How amazing would it be to have no more cash handling during those busy recess times, and best of all the orders are pre-paid so no more time wasted counting, being short-changed, or theft!  Parents and students place and pay for orders through your school's personalised online canteen, the order is emailed directly to your canteen to prepare.

As you know student eating habits can change overnight, with the use of Munch Monitor Reporting you will know immediately when students eating habits change, allowing your canteen to reduce waste, by better preparing foodservice ordering.

And best of all, the Munch Monitor system is provided at zero upfront cost to your school.

Now is the time for your canteen to save time, resources, and reduce waste.  CALL TODAY to organise a FREE canteen assessment, phone 07 3354 8300 speak with our experienced Munch Monitor team TODAY!