About Quality Foods | Beverages:

From small beginnings to a leading Foodservice distributor.

We at Quality Foods | Beverages strive in personal service. The business has been built on a foundation of knowing what the customer's needs are and the understanding of Quality Foods | Beverages being a one stop shop food solution.

Quality Foods | Beverages humble beginnings started in 1988 selling 'Dinkum Dog Hot Dogs'. In time, the name changed to 'Oz Dogs Hot Dogs' and a few more product lines were added, these included Chicken Burgers and Lasagne.

Quality Foods | Beverages started marketing their range of products into schools and quickly gained a reputation for 'Quality' and 'Service'. Over the years Quality Foods | Beverages expanded more into schools and soon had a small pantry list of about twenty products, essentially for the school market.

In 1998 Quality Foods | Beverages merged with the 'Tuckshop Warehouse' their business also catered toward supplying schools. Together they moved into Stafford and leased dry, chiller, and freezer space from Arquilla Imports, their core business was primarily in Food Service and were importers of European foods.

Following the merge business grew very quickly, Quality Foods | Beverages were supplying 400 schools and the product range increased to about 2000 lines. In July 2004 Quality Foods | Beverages purchased Arquilla Imports and were now able to offer a full range of products for schools and general Food Service Customers.

In January 2010 Quality Foods | Beverages merged with Healthy Canteens, cementing their business in the schools market, as a result of this merger Quality Foods | Beverages are able to offer a full range of drinks and confectionery in addition to their extensive range of dry, chiller, and frozen products.

Quality Foods | Beverages has a reputation of being a first class supplier of products and services offering now more than 5000 lines making Quality Foods | Beverages a viable player in the food service market. We have a 10000sq metre purpose built facility with approximately 30 modern Haccp Certified vehicle's delivering Mon to Friday daily from Noosa to Northern NSW

The success and growth of Quality Foods | Beverages, and adding one of the largest non-alcholic beverage categories, a new name was created Quality Foods | Beverages. With our growing numbers of staff and New Delivery Vehicles in the recent years. We have secured National Contracts and World class suppliers from the hard work and dedication from all our staff at Quality Foods | Beverages. We aim to provide you the best service today and in the future.

Should you wish for any further information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives.


Why Quality Foods | Beverages?

Quality Foods | Beverages has been servicing the greater Brisbane area since 1988. Through hard work and a focus on providing a higher than normal level of customer service, we have grown to become a much respected School and Food Service Distributor in our field.

Through the growing phase, several business acquisitions were made along with the founders of those businesses, which included people with a vast knowledge and understanding to be able to continue to provide the unmatched levels of quality products and customer service. Results achieved as the owners of the business working in the business, their 'hands on' approach ensures that this level of service is maintained.